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L'OREAL LUXE increased its turnover on Google Shopping with Lengow by 80%. Find out how this brand and others did it through our new Lengow spotlight ebook:

  • Increase your brand awareness & improve engagement
  • Create campaigns that convert and drive profit
  • Set up an accurate price strategy to generate profit


Turning Google's complexity into simplicity

You want your product ad to stand out. To be impactful. By using Lengow, you can develop impactful product ads in a few clicks thanks to richer and optimised content, such as titles and description. Lengow has automatic rules and segments that deploy, allowing you to group specific products from your catalogues together before sending them to a Google channel.

You can use Lengow to quickly activate ads across multiple Google channels, ensuring that you get your products in front of key audiences and increase your brand awareness and lead gen potential.

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