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Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Lengow's platform? Join our Master Class sessions for quick, practical tips and advice on how to get the most out of Lengow's platform. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your Lengow skills to the next level. 

Product Insights (demo, tips & advice)
Industry experts led sessions
30 minutes videos, every 2 weeks


NEW: How to successfully and easily launch on Cdiscount?

⏳ 21 minutes

In this Master Class, you will discover the specificities of the fast-growing marketplace, Cdiscount. You will learn some key tips to successfully integrate into the marketplace, in order to gain visibility and increase your sales!

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How to boost my performance on Google Shopping with Custom Labels?

⏳ 17 minutes

Learn the steps to create Custom Labels in Lengow, and our tips - supported by case studies - on how to implement them to improve the performance of your Google shopping campaigns and maximize your budget.

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How to launch live commerce sessions with Lengow?

⏳ 23 minutes

Discover how to  jump on the trend of Live Commerce and use Lengow to present your customers with best-quality product data, with Apps and My Custom Channel.

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How to categorise your products in Lengow?

⏳ 17 minutes

Learn our best practices for categorising your product catalogue(s), which will help you properly and automatically publish your products on the channels of your choice, and improve your SEO score.

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How to manage your orders in Lengow?

⏳ 20 minutes

Discover all our tips on how to find your order information in Lengow for each marketplace, how to manage their status and how to process them easily.


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How to manage error reports in Lengow?

⏳ 23 minutes

Learn what kind of errors can exist, where to find them in the Lengow platform and how to correct them in order to ensure that your products are well distributed on marketplaces or marketing channels.

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How to easily localise your product content?

⏳ 23 minutes

Learn the importance of cross-border commerce, the challenges you can meet when setting up a cross-border strategy, and several tips to simplify product content management in Lengow.

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Focus on Netrivals

Discover our Master Classes dedicated to Netrivals



Retailers - How to use a Price Intelligence solution to boost your ecommerce sales?

⏳ 22 minutes

Learn how to better understand your competitive landscape, analyse it and update your prices instantaneously to stay ahead of the competition, thanks to our Price Intelligence solution.

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Brands - How can a Price Intelligence solution help you stay in control of your e-commerce landscape?

 ⏳ 18 minutes

Learn how to better understand your competitive landscape to gain control in a fast changing environment, and use business analysis to increase your sales while keeping your margins.

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Deep dive into specific themes

Explore our collection of in-depth videos, featuring expert insights and specialised coverage, thos help you gain a deeper understanding of the areas that matter most to you.



How to succeed in your holiday shopping season?

⏳ 45 minutes

Learn how to implement a successful commerce everywhere strategy on marketplaces and marketing channels and take advantage of key sales moments, like Black Friday and Christmas.


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How to win the Amazon Buy Box?

⏳ 23 minutes

Learn from our experts about the key steps to win an Amazon Buy Box. In addition to continuing to implement the Commerce Everywhere strategy, retailers and brands should also refine their online stores to improve their rankings.

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How to boost performance on Google Ads campaigns?

⏳ 20 minutes

In this video, you will learn how to create and optimize different Google Ads campaigns (Shopping Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Performance Max…) to boost your visibility, your performance and ultimately your sales.

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How to get the best out of the platform thanks to our Professional Services?

⏳ 40 minutes

Discover how our Professional Services team is helping you to execute your ecommerce strategy and achieve operational excellence thanks to success stories such as Marks & Spencer, Ollygan and Okaïdi.

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Go back to the basics of Lengow

Discover how to unleash the full potential of the Lengow platform by utilizing its diverse range of features. By following our expert advice, you can enhance your visibility, optimize your time to impact, and accelerate the growth of your business.

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