E-commerce in 2024: Overcome Your Challenges and Thrive!

Discover the main e-commerce challenges for 2024 and how to overcome them:

  • Cost Optimisation: The Real Deal
  • Customer Behavior: Unlocking the “One-Time Buyer”
  • Agility: The Ultimate Puzzle
  • Data-fuelled Commerce: The Ultimate Power Play

Data-fuelled Commerce: The Ultimate Power Play

Data is a marketer's most valuable asset. Although it can be challenging to make sense of, it is essential to collect as much of it as possible. From shipping to customer satisfaction to product performance, data can help you understand where you are and where you need to be.

But 44% of e-commerce businesses report struggles with effective data acquisition tools, and 34% lack confidence in their data for campaign strategy.

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Thrive in the Commerce Everywhere era

Where you sell your products matters. Lengow helps online brands and retailers find the right marketing channels and marketplaces to scale, optimise and automate all online activity:


- Embrace Omnichannel to continue growing online revenue

- Activate Insights to design a winning ecommerce strategy

- Gain Access to deliver superior eCommerce

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